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Adding voting polls

If we add voting polls to conversations we would get the oppertunity to get a lot more knowledge and statistics out of those conversations.
What's your take on this? Is it needed, and if so, how should it be constructed?
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Terms of Use.

To me it is clear that TED does not uphold the terms of use. It is easily demonstarted by it not upholding many of these points.
"By inviting you to participate in TEDTalk comments and TED Conversations, we are seeking to build a mature online community centered around ideas that matter. Please be aware, when participating, that we will remove:

content promoting pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, zealotry, proselytizing, self-promotion, product-hawking, and new-age fluff"

I think that they both need to be re-written and then upholded to a much greater extent for the online TED community to thrive.
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Adding a comment option for flagging.

Sometimes it may be unclear to the TED admins on what rounds something is flagged. Adding a comment box for flagging might help the Admin team to more quickly and better go through the flaggins.
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Can we mind-map conversations? Can we cross-link between conversations?

Adding the ability to cross-link posts between threaded conversations might actually add a lot to TED.  Usually there are 2 or 3 conversations on similar, but not identical, topics.  A single post might be relevant in more than one place.  So type it once and link it.
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Is the character limit appropriate length?

Some want it longer, others are fine with it being just the way it is.
What's your opinion?
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