A crowdsourcing platform on TED.com

From the explaination on conversation http://www.ted.com/conversations/18801/should_ted_have_its_own_kicks.html

"There are and have been many conversations that ask the question "what is your million-dollar idea?", one is being featured on Conversations right now.

I have, and I bet you have too, seen so many projects that people have talked about and dreamed about realizing here on TED Conversations, the biggest hindrance being a little finance.

Of course we could always go to a crowdfunding platform and start the project there, but then we would loose much of the TED audience which I believe are crucial for understanding many of the ideas that spread through TED.

This platform could also serve for all the TED speakers that need funding for any project that they might have going.

Well, I almost think that it's self evident that TED should have one of these platforms, what do you think?"