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Do you have a suggestion for TED? Something we could do better?


What one feature would you love to see added to


We should increase the character limit for comments.


How can we improve the TED translations project? 40

Getting rid of the open-ended option.


Leave one idea for improving TED!


Improving TED Conversations system. (Suggestions)


Could TED conversations be improved by adding a country-related filter? And even pave the way to start local TED-inspired actions?


A forum for people to drop their business ideas that others, seeking to start businesses can then develop. 25
If you were a developer of 'TED Conversations', what features/functions would you like to add to it? 14
How is your experiences with Amara for TED Translations. 13
How can I (we) help you navigate 11

TED needs to make an alert system to allow users to know when their conversations have been commented on.


Organise a referendum on new rules of TED Conversations.


Ted Conversations in Person: The "Possible" Monumental Improvement of Ted. 7

TED converstions structure should be re-thought to pruduce better organised conversations.


TED Conversations should be social-oriented.


Linking our accounts on TED with other social networks.


A method of associating with other TED site posters to allow those who find each other of interest to follow each others comments.


Use TED conversations to allow language mentoring or evaluation. 4
Agenda check with members and new members of TED. 4
Improve Ted for All: Providing concept questions (study questions) to compliment (academic) TED lectures. 4

What do you think adding a feature to TED which is called TED Webinar or TED Hang Outs?


Creating a Separate TED Section for TED Conversations.


Thoughts & Suggestions to Improve TED Debates.


Can we make TED the next Social Network for Good?


Thoughts & Suggestions to Improve TED Debates. 1
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